The big question is what’s the weather like and when’s the best time to come….

Obviously this depends on exactly what activities you are doing but a rough overview is that the weather around Casa Quiros is probably 10 degrees hotter than the UK all year round and because it’s further south feels a lot hotter in the sun. It’s also considerably less rainy but this is a maritime climate and as is seen by the amount of trees and the verdant nature of the area it can and does rain in Asturias.

In winter there is snow in high ground for a long time – and there are ski-stations – but it’s much less common below 500 metres than it used to be and the roads are and villages mainly have a southery outlook meaning any snow does melt quickly.

This being Spain when the sun is out it is hot and this also means the rock dries quicker too.

Across the Year
Summers – June, July, August – feel very hot in the sun – think shady climbing. Usually very dry.
August 2014 Average Temps
Autumn – Sept, Oct, Nov – is usually pretty dry and can be very very good.  If there is rain it’s usually heavy showers and dries quickly.
October 2013 Average Temps
Winter – Dec Jan Feb – It will start to get wetter but still never gets too cold. When the sun comes out it’s still pretty hot.
Jan 2014 Average temps
Spring – March April May – Possibly the least reliable in terms of prediction but can be warm and dry. However, there can be spring rain too.
March 2014 Average Temps

Asturian weather can create dramatic landscapes in the hills…IMG_2712


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