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At Casa Quiros we aim to offer more than just accommodation and so our ‘Buddy Climb’ concept is a service that’s aimed at, and perfect for, those who have some time to spare but are missing a partner that fits the same schedule as them.

As climbers who lived very busy lives in the UK we understand that many busy climbers can’t get time off together and we want to offer you the chance to get away when you have the time. We’ll be your belay bunny / climbing partner and we have the local knowledge to recommend routes, crags and locations – escaping the sun, dodging showers and finding that soft touch tick at the top of your grade which makes any climbing holiday perfect.

Richie on a superb 6b La Laja, Rabanal de Luna.

Richie on a superb 6b La Laja, Rabanal de Luna.

We can accommodate all grades and should be able to sort out enough routes across any grades and climbing styles for a weeks holiday for anyone – except maybe Steve McClure or Adam Ondra.

So if you’re dying for a holiday and your normal partner can’t make it and you’d be happy teaming up with the owner of Casa Quiros – who just happens to be the guidebook writer (see Roca Verde) – then please get in touch.

Please note this is not a guiding service, we will not be instructing you, or teaching you to climb and you will not be paying for a guide – you will pay for accommodation at a special weekly rate and we will simply be your climbing partner for the week.

If you want to get in touch to learn more about this service please mail me at richie@rocaverdeclimbing.com

Who I am… Richie Patterson: I am currently the Digital Marketing manager for Wild Country and have worked there for 17 years. I have been climbing for 36 years and have enjoyed all kinds of climbing: bouldering, traditional routes and sports climbing as well as a bit of mountaineering and alpinism. I have established new routes up to E8 / 8A+ in the UK, bouldered up to 8A and have climbed in France, Germany, Italy, Greece, and the USA. I have been living in Asturias for eight years and love this amazing place and its people and I am in the midst of bolting and trying a number of projects on the fantastic cliffs!

Why come to Roca Verde…This is beautiful and untapped region with a ton of fantastic climbing. We have a cool house in a superb location with around 1000 routes within 20 minutes walk or drive and with a climate that allows summer climbing – basically there’s tons to do!

Flying high on the amzing 6c+ which graces the cover of the guide with the Picos in the background...

Richie flying high on the amazing 6c+ which graces the cover of the guide with the Picos in the background…



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