Roca Verde Guidebook

Written by the owners of Casa Quirós the Roca Verde guidebook uncovers one of the best-kept secrets in Spanish climbing: the numerous superb venues and fantastic sport climbing in and around the ‘Cordillera Cantábrica’ mountain range in north west Spain. Casa Quirós sits in the heart of this region close to two of the best Asturian crags.

Roca Verde has taken the best crags in Asturias, Cantabria and Leon, to create a guide which incorporates the complementary areas most utilized by the regions’ climbers. Almost unknown outside Spain this is an area that’s recommended by everyone who goes. Dave Pickford, the editor of Climb Magazine described the area as ‘quite possibly Europe’s best kept climbing secret’. While Niall Grimes, author of Boulder Britain says  ’There’s an amazing amount of great climbing in this area and a phenomenal amount of rock. Richie’s book does a great job of shining a light on this ‘undiscovered’ climbing destination that’s actually very close to home…’

Roca Verde 2nd Edition...

Roca Verde 2nd Edition…

Published in a bi-lingual format, with English and Spanish, this is  book which should truly highlight this fantastic area, which we believe has the potential to be a new ‘hotspot’ destination and a regular stopover for European climbers.

The Roca Verde region is well served by international flights and ferries, has an excellent road network and, unlike much of Spain, has a climate that is amenable to climbing through the summer months.

Roca Verde contains over 40 selected venues, over 190 distinct sectors and nearly 3000 routes. Just as importantly, it includes the information the locals know; how to choose the right venue for sun or shade, summer or winter and for whatever grade you climb.

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